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Hello there!

Congratulations that you are about to make a decision to learn C++ and participate in this week-long challenge of coding and winning …

Question. Why should I learn C++?

If you start programming from this language, you will rise from 0 to hero in any programming language. You will be able to explain whatever your code is doing; you will be able to manipulate your source codes if you understand the basics. Learning C++ and switching to any language will be way easier than learning Python, Go, R, Java, etc. directly. There is a deeper understanding of whatever your predefined libraries in other languages do at the backend.

Question. Rather than reading your blogs, should I do some courses? Wouldn’t that be better?


Since you are about turn into a developer, self-learning should be your priority. When you will set a daily time in your schedule for reading these blogs and exploring the topics which you don’t understand, you will gain researching skills. We don’t limit your learning solely through blogs, instead, we encourage you to dive deep into the topics till you understand them. You should be reading, searching, analyzing, exploring, experimenting, and playing with codebases to know what exactly that small semi-colon does in your program. And that will make you a real, self-taught programmer.

“Programming isn’t about what you know; it’s about what you can figure out.” — Chris Pine

Let’s Discuss the Game plan because it’s time to include<iostream> 😉

Day 0: Hello C++!

Day 1: The basic syntax of the language

Day 2: Arrays & Loops and switch statements

Day 3: Pointers

Day 4: Functions and recursion

Day 5: Structure (custom data types ) and basic OOPS

Day 6: OOPS part 2

Day 7: STL libraries

Day 8: The Final Showdown (Coding Contest)

During the learning program, we won’t let you all be by yourself reading the blogs. We will be arranging Doubt Sessions, Quizzes, and mini coding challenges during the entire week.

Apart from that, we will be awarding badges to people daily: *Codder of the Day* & *Debugger of the Day*. The people with a good collection of these badges will be awarded amazing prizes.

Want to know more about the competition! Patience my friend you will soon know it!

Steps to setup C++ code editor

We prefer you to use Visual Studio Code editor Refer to this video!


You can use an online editor: (Here you can select your language as C++)

Tips to efficiently make use of this program

It isn’t so easy to make your way through the entire C++. But with dedication, we promise you that you’ll be able to tackle the basics of this language and its understandability within a week.

  1. Schedule: Make out some time for attending various sessions happening under this program. Take out 1–2 hours depending on the topic of the blog daily so that you do not procrastinate and you complete the basics of C++ within a week.

2. Practice: Take your time, practicing the basics. You will be given basic practice questions and video links at the end of each blog. Practice them daily to remember the topics you did in that blog.

3. Play: Play with your codes. Try solving problems in different ways. You should try implementing things your way.

4. Research & Explore: While learning through blogs you should be searching the web. Open 20 tabs at once and just search, as much depth you will conquer in a topic while learning, as a stronger foundation will be laid.

5. Participate: Participate in doubt sessions, quizzes, fun activities, coding challenges, and various other events during the entire week. Network, ask, and showcase your ideas.

We wish you the very best as we journey together and strive for excellence in all that we do. You will grow in wisdom, stature, and maturity to achieve great things in life. We will continue to give our best to nurture the developer in you.

Thank you for Reading!

Happy Learning!

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